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A Quality DJ is as valuable as GOLD!

          Entertainment is one of the most important choices for any event.

           Guests remember the FUN they had long after the food and decor.

                       Be sure to make a Sound Decision for your event!


1. Your DJ is only as good as his equipment and reputation.

Discount stores sell DJ equipment. Make sure your DJ uses all quality professional grade sound equipment and effects lighting.  Check with friends on who they used at their weddings.  Before you hire a DJ, make sure you have what style of DJ you have in mind.  Do you want a DJ who arrives in a loudly advertised fashion (think tricked out SUV's, bright colors, banners and billboards)  so everyone knows who the DJ is at your wedding?  Or do you prefer an understated DJ who is more interested in quality entertainment than loud advertising?   
~Sound Decision arrives in a very low-keyed manner with neutral toned vehicles and minimal advertising.  Depending on your events needs, we may have a small trailer in tow for large outside events.  We do not put any signs up at your wedding.  All cords are tucked or taped.  The visual setup is clean and compact.~

2. Insist on Back-up Equipment ON SITE! and backup DJs available!

Most companies will tell you they have back up equipment. What they fail to say is that that equipment is across town being used at another event.  If your DJ is computerized make sure he has a full backup plan either CDs and a professional DJ CD player on site or a second computer programmed with your music. 
~Sound Decision has back-up equipment onsite.  Normally, we have auxiliary power as well.  We carry two computers to every event and have our cd's within reach.  Sound Decision is a member of the American Disc Jockey Association which provides an added benefit of a network of other DJ's in case of emergency.  Rest assured that I have never missed a scheduled event since I began performing in 1989.~

3. Ask for References and/or Referrals.

Your best bet is to see your DJ in action! If this is not possible, ask for references and always call the local Chamber of Commerce.
~Sound  Decision will be happy to provide references, both professional and businesses who have are able to speak as to my abilities.  Just remember, no business is going to give you their least happy clients.  Proudly, we do what it takes to make every client highly satisfied with our services.~ 

4. Ask about the number of events booked per day for each DJ.

Booking more than one event on your date can be a potential problem.  Do you want to take the chance that one DJ is going to make two events and yours is second for the day?   If your back-up equipment is at another location- Is it really back-up equipment? If it is a multi- system business they should have double the number of systems operating to accommodate equipment failure. i.e. A 2 system operator needs 4 complete systems. Ask to see the equipment. Do not accept excuses or explanations.
~Sound Decision normally books one event per day.  This practice  minimzes the stress on both the DJ and the client.   It does cause a decreased availability, so please call early to book your event!!  We do carry complete back-up systems to every event.~ 

5. Ask if the DJ Service a member of a local Chamber of Commerce or a DJ organization.

Membership in the Chamber or a Disc Jockey organization shows dedication to professionalism. Local Chambers of Commerce are in the business of promoting legitimate businesses.
~Sound Decision is member of the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce, Fauquier Chamber of Commerce, and American Disc Jockey Association. The ADJA is a professional organization that prides its members on satisfied clients and professional service.  It also provides backup DJ's in an emergency.




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