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Frequently Asked Questions
~Includes all you should know about your DJ and more!~

Many other DJ's do not want you to have this information.

I believe as my client you are entitled to it.




Why do you feel that you are the ’Premier’ DJ in the area?

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to see and speak to many DJ’s and other musical entertainers in the Culpeper Area as well as Northern Virginia.  I have always received compliments at every event at which I entertain.  I am the originator of the term..."FLEXIBLE ELEGANCE."  Your wedding is as important to me as it is to you- but for different reasons.  My reputation is directly related to your satisfaction with my services. Each event is as unique as the people who are planning it Every person gets the best of me.  I am a professional dedicated to your event. I see my outstanding attributes as:


I am always completely professional in the way I dress, act, and treat your guests. I am very easy going, considerate and thoughtful. I have performed many Weddings and other events and know how to read and respect my audience. I am always on time, prepared to play what you have requested, and always willing to go the extra mile when asked. I will help create the perfect schedule of events and mix of music to ensure the success of your event. Should you have things already planned, I will easily work with your established itinerary and the other professionals (caterer, photographer, coordinator, etc.). That is what a professional does.


I have performed at many successful wedding receptions and I know what works and what does not work.  I know what to expect, can offer suggestions and can even handle awkward situations.  I provide just the right atmosphere whether it be high energy, fun, low keyed, casually cool or sophisticated charm- whatever your event dictates.  Best of all, I give you the personalized attention that you can expect from a professional DJ service.


This is your special day and although I do at least 30 to 50 Weddings a year, I go out of my way to personalize your Wedding Reception. I compile a personal agenda for your event.  I will follow YOUR agenda- not a standard cookie cutter agenda used at every event. You tell me what you’d like me to announce, what to play, etc. and you can rest assured I will follow all of your requests to make this the Wedding you’ve dreamed about. I am the owner/operator and perform ALL events myself. This means you are booking ME--not one of my coworkers, employees or someone I have contracted. I also have access to back-up DJ’s if necessary; but I have never missed a single gig in 13 years.  I am not a booking agent who goes out and digs up small DJ companies that are mediocre in many ways and then give them top of the line business from my clients.  I feel that there are too many illegitimate DJ’s out there to take a chance on your wedding day.  I have always said I could make more money if I could clone my service to be able to deliver my professional services to more than one client at a time.  But, at this time, I feel as if my reputation stands on my ability to make your event the event of the day and give you my undivided attention for the day.   I have never missed a gig . However, there have been outside events that have been ruined by weather conditions.  I do not set my equipment up outside in inclement weather. This includes a wet ground as it is dangerous to run power over a wet ground. 


Unlike other DJs, you do not have to worry about talking to a salesman who assigns random DJ’s. I assure you that there is NOTHING any other DJ or  agency can offer that I cannot. I have backup equipment, access to backup DJ’s, access to endless musical libraries, and best of all professionalism without attitude.  I don’t simply go to a warehouse and pick up my daily assignment and my generic PA system.  I own, and maintain all the equipment and music- it’s mine- not some other guy’s who could care less if there is an equipment failure as long as a warm bodied DJ shows up and he gets his cut.


No matter what music format you like (other than International songs), I am likely to have it, can figure it out, and can play it if you choose. I also keep the crowd dancing by always knowing what to play next, when to slow it down, when to speed it up, etc.  I am a professional music programmer.  I know what I have scheduled to play when I arrive at your event.  No “okay wonder- what should I play next?” questions.The music you hear will all flow together very smoothly. There will be no dead air in-between songs, but instead the songs will all flow together to make dancing time more fun.  As for my musical talent, I have played guitar and sang at local venues for greater than 20 years.  I routinely sing solos at weddings and receptions and humbly have received compliments for my performances.

You will NEVER meet a DJ (or other Vendor for that matter) that works harder than I do to meet your every expectation. I frequently exceed Brides/Grooms every single requests, desires, and visions. I have set the bar VERY high for myself and I am never happy simply being one the best in the area- I want to greatly exceed the expectations of my clients. I always feel I can improve in some way, some how. NO ONE entertains like I do.   
Feedback from Brides, Grooms, and guests says a lot; but, when other professionals (such as Photographers, Wedding Planners, Catering Managers, and Videographers--who have seen A LOT of DJ’s) compliment me, I am very confident that my performance standards are superior.

How does your cost compare to other DJ’s?

I pride myself on my levels of professionalism, reliability, service, flexibility, experience, and musical expertise.  Many DJ’s in the area are guys with cheap equipment and music obtained from other than legal sources.  I am a professional with professional equipment and high standards.  My costs are comparable to other DJ’s in this area.  If you are simply price shopping for a DJ, I may or may not be the cheapest guy in town.  I have years of experience in public performance and am very easy to get along with.   I regularly work with brides who are budget conscious. I routinely DJ at some of the finest establishments in the area.  That said, I also DJ at atleast one or more charity events and for local Fire Departments or organized groups like the Rotary or Jaycees each and every year.  I remember where I started ... with small weddings and events.   I would never cancel a confirmed event for another event offering more money or prestige.  My integrity is directly related  to my success as a business professional. 

If you are looking for the cheapest DJ- I may or may not be the "right" guy for your event.  If you are looking to hire "the Right" DJ for your event, I am someone you want to consider.

I am one of only a few exceptional DJ’s in the area that can make your event the most memorable one possible.

How do you distinguish yourself from other DJ’s?

First and foremost, it would be my superior personalized service you receive from the first time we speak until the big day.  I make myself more available than any other DJ in the area. I take calls and/or inquiries at all times. I am available to talk to you to answer any question or address any concern you may have about your DJ or my performance. I am someone who is always striving for perfection in every aspect of DJing. I am always working to improve my services, whether it be by buying more music, getting the newest equipment, and/or expanding my ever growing Wedding knowledge.  I am not the guy who picks up the phone and appears irritated that you have questions about your event or DJ.  I want you to feel comfortable with me.  I don’t want you to feel like you settled for a under qualified DJ. 
Quite simply, there are many unprofessional DJ’s out there performing.  As a matter of fact the worst guy in town is performing at someone’s wedding this weekend! Don’t let that be your wedding!!!  All it takes is some cheap equipment- from Radio Shack or Wal-Mart,a computer to print business cards and some music and ***poof*** call yourself a DJ Service.  I have a very low-pressure approach to booking events. I tell you what I can offer then you decide. I will not call you 10 times pressuring you to return a signed contract, I will never claim to be the ’do it all’ DJ (instead, I will only offer one style--professional), I will always be your point of contact, and I am always available for you when you have questions/concerns.

A signed contract and $100.00 deposit is all I need from you to book my services.

Do you require a deposit?

A signed contract and $100.00 deposit holds your date.  Full payment is due two weeks prior to your event. Failure to pay in full could result in cancellation of your contract!!  I do this to avoid any last minute “who has the DJ’s money?” hassles on your big day! 

What is the best time to contact you?  I am generally available at 540-825-0388.  I don’t have ’set’ office hours. I am available to chat no matter how small the question.  I like to handle the majority of my preparations between the phone and email. I am almost always available to make changes at midnight the day before your event.  Things happen.

How far in advance do we need to reserve our date with you?

As soon as possible to ensure you get the date you want. I book VERY quickly for weekends and holidays.  It seems that I am receiving bookings for May and October over a year in advance.  Generally, I do not accept bookings more than one year, or so, in advance.  It appears that my reputation is requring me to make myself more available, sooner!! 

Do you meet with prospective couples?

I will meet you and your fiancee prior to your booking my services at a mutually agreed on location.  Not all couples require a face-to-face meeting.   In today’s modern day society, I find that email is often the quickest and easiest way to communicate.  I use both email and the phone to touch base with you several times prior to the wedding date.  I like to have my reception planning pack back to me within 6 to 8 weeks of the wedding to allow me to prepare your personalized agenda.  I will call approximately 1 week before your Wedding to ensure every detail has been covered including correct pronunciations, exact time lines, etc.  If at you feel it necessary to meet with me, I will certainly make myself available. If I have not been to your event site before, I often visit the site before your Wedding to make sure there will be no logistical glitches.

I never require you to meet with me face to face.

Where and when do you usually meet with couples?

Depending on where they live, I usually try to meet halfway at a local coffee house or restaurant.  I especially like to meet at the reception site, especially if I have not performed there in the past.   I will be happy to arrange a time to meet with any client or potential client.

What is your Wedding attire?

I wear a tuxedo to most every Wedding (unless otherwise requested by the Bride and Groom). By tuxedo, I do not mean a inexpensive looking cumberbund and a bow tie. I own a full tuxedo complete with matching jacket and pants, tuxedo shirt with cufflinks, matching vest or matching cumber bund and bowtie. I do arrive in casual clothes to set up.  I am also flexible enough to dress in a coat and tie or casual to themed clothes.  I love a beach party!

Do you entertain the crowd?

The music I play entertains people. I am able and willing  to get on the dance floor and lead the Chicken Dance or other interactive group dances like the Cha Cha Slide or leading the Hokey Pokey.   I am not a radio DJ who announces every song and calls your event like a sports caster. You will not hear me get on the microphone and scream, "all right let’s get this party started"!  I can be a high energy, involved DJ or simply a background DJ who makes the only the necessary announcements that you have asked me to make previous to the event.

Do you play the typical music that you hear at most weddings?

I play the music you choose for your event.  I do have "the Macarena", "the Electric Slide", "the Chicken Dance" or any most other line dances songs.   I do not have to play them if you choose not to hear them at your reception. Again, this is your day and you can tell me exactly what to and what not to play--it’s up to you! I will be more than happy to play them if you would like, or you can simply leave it up to me to decide based on your crowd and your guests’ requests.

Can you play a CD or iPod song  that we provide?

Yes, I will play any CD that you provide if you would like to hear something I don’t have or couldn’t purchase beforehand. Very often a couple will provide some special Salsa, Greek, Jewish, or other Ethnic music that they would like to hear. I do have the ability to play iPods on my equipment.  However, I do not take responsibility for any damage to the iPod.  If your guest provides an inappropriate song, and you have okayed the request, I cannot guarantee that it will be lyrically appropriate for your event.  I do not like to take these types of request as it is not the guest who looks bad- it always looks like the DJ’s fault!!  If you have a specific song you HAVE to have played, please bring it with you to your event on cd. 

Can you provide music for our ceremony with a separate sound system?

Yes. I frequently provide elegant background music for ceremonies.   I have separate planner for ceremony music.   I also offer a portable additional system that can be used for your ceremony. This system features the ability to hook up 4 microphones, musical instruments, and of course a CD player.  I can even run this system on portable auxiliary power- if notified in advance. There is an additional cost for this set up. I may also be able to use my standard setup and just use additional speakers depending on the site layout.

Do you take requests?

Of course, within reason. If someone requests something that is inappropriate for a Wedding.   I would either tell them I didn’t bring it, or ask the Bride/Groom if it is OK if they insist.

Otherwise, I welcome any requests from the crowd! Also, while I welcome each client’s input on the music for the event, it’s often my experience and openness to take requests that helps keep people dancing all night long. It is very difficult for me to use my knowledge of music if you have pre-programmed all the music.  One hour of music is approximately 15 songs.  Keep this in mind when you fill out the song request list.

Do you have references?

I can supply references to any interested clients. I do not list references names and contact information on my site to respect my clients. Client confidentiality is highly important to me as to not reveal personal information about my clients. 

How do you know what music to play?

I play a little bit for everyone. Most everyone will feel included and will have a good time. I bring and can play ANYTHING you might want (other than International music). During cocktail hour and/or Dinner, I play a lot of 40’s/50’s Jazz/Big Band and perhaps some easy listening. This music is always background music, which means you can still chat with the person next to you without yelling. During dance time, I usually play Swing, Motown, 70’s, newer hip hop and perhaps some 80’s/90’s - trying to cater to the median age of the guests. I play all of my music in sets, meaning I will play a few similar songs from the same era at a time. I don’t jump around between eras. The music is always a nice mix with smooth transitions, so if you are dancing there will be NO silence in-between songs. 

I am most definitely a mulit-generational DJ.

Do you use a Digital Music and/orCD’s?

Yes, I use both.  I use a computer for my primary system and cd’s are always available as backup
. I maintain CD’s and bring over 25,000 songs to every event.  I also have the ability to use wifi to download songs from legal sources at your event.

Do we have to pick out music for the whole evening?

No. Unless you feel like you need to. Most of my Weddings are referrals and they will just ask me to play the same music they heard at the event where they saw me. I have, though, had couples pick every single song for the night. That is not a problem- but severely limits my ability to play to the crowd. I encourage input from the Bride/Groom if they know what their guests will like. You can choose anything you like. It’s your Wedding and I am here to help!

Do you have a backup DJ?

Yes. But, I have NEVER been late nor missed a single gig since 1989. In the very unlikely event that I cannot attend your event, I will  do my best provide you with a replacement DJ. I have contacts with other DJ’s in the area that give me access to back up DJ’s as needed.  I have been hired for events that have been ruined by weather conditions.  While this is unfortunate, I cannot be responsible for the weather if you choose an outdoor venue.  I will try to work with you- but I do not set up equipment in the rain or recently rained on surfaces.  It is simply not safe or prudent.

Do you have a backup DJ Sound System on the premises of my event?

Yes.  My back up system- which includes a full second system - with me at your event.  It is not at another event or in a storage shed at my house or some other DJ’s equipment.  I carry two full systems with me to every event.  It may take a few minutes to set up a full system or to switch out a part of my system- for instance a CD Player- but I will have additional equipment to cover every component of my system.  I even have a system that can be used with auxiliary power.  I will do everything possible to keep your event successful with as little interruption as possible in case of equipment failure.  Keep in mind, that all electronics are subject to fail at some point.  Even professional DJ equipment does not last forever.  I regularly service my equipment and replace or upgrade on a frequent basis.  The majority of the equipment I use today is five years old or less.  I take extreme measures to keep my equipment looking clean and "new" to ensure the professional appearance of my setup!  By the way, this is a very controversial question for many DJ's.  Either you have the equipment onsite with you or you don't.  It is just that simple.   

Can we come see you perform?

I am often asked this question, but it is something I strongly oppose. I do not invite couples to come see me at SOMEONE ELSE’S Wedding.  At upwards to $500.00 per guest at some of the weddings at which I perform, this is not an option.  I am very considerate towards others. I am more than happy to provide references, but I do not randomly invite guests to Wedding Receptions where I am performing. Besides, you would need to stay the whole 4 hours to get the complete screening of my style.   I do however play free and open to the public events.  I play guitar and sing at local venues, as well as, DJ benefits and other community functions.  I volunteer my services for many local charities.

Do you or your assistant require a meal?

I do not require a meal of any sort.  I normally do not get the opportunity to eat during the reception.  By the time all of your guests eat and I get a moment that I could eat, it is time to start your formal activities.  I ocassionally bring a second person with me to events. I never assume we can help ourselves to a buffet or that we are entitled to a extra meal.

Do you put up a big advertising sign at your events?

NO!! I do not bring a big sign with my name blazing on it to put on the wall behind my DJ table. I DO NOT make endless, shameless announcements plugging my services; and I DO NOT wear a ’musical notes" bow tie.  I do not match my tie color to your event color- seems to me this could cause me to be confused as part of the wedding party.  I do have business cards available at the DJ table.  If a guest would like to inquire about my services, they simply need to ask.  I do have some promotional items such as pens available as well.

Check out the websites of other DJ’s who claim not to advertise at your event and you will find pictures of huge signs advertising their business. Which lends the question---what were they thinking?

What do you need at the venue?

I need a grounded outlet with two plugs and a 10x15 foot area.   I will generally use a provided table- but do carry one of my own – just in case.   I supply my own table linens and chairs.

What kind of equipment do you have?

Simply put, I the best equipment money can buy. I am an equipment and gadget fanatic.  I have to have the newest and best!!  You are guaranteed the cleanest, sharpest sound possible when you book me. I only use the best names in Professional Disc Jockey Equipment.  < JBL< QSC < B52  < AMERICANDJ < STANTON < CHAUVET < BBE < FENDER < CARVIN

What time will you arrive the day of our Wedding?

I usually arrive 1-2 hours prior to my start time.  Depending on the venue, it may take me slightly longer.   You are not charged for the set up time. However, if I have to be set up prior to the wedding ceremony at the same location and have to sit idol during the ceremony, to avoid disruption, may be an extra fee.  I do not generally load in equipment or setup in front of guests.  This is why I pride myself on one event a day!! You don’t want to be the second event-ever!!!

Do you have experience with Ethnic Weddings?

This is not my area of expertise. I know my limitations.  I have performed at Wedding Receptions that have been composed of many ethnic backgrounds. I will NOT claim to be an expert in any of these areas. In each case, the Bride/Groom chose (and supplied) all of the Ethnic music they desired; and I was more than happy to play it. Now, they did want a mix of that music and traditional Wedding music. Other than a few certain traditions, they were very much the same as many of the other Weddings at which I have performed.


Will you entertain at a mixed race, gay/lesbian, transgender, May/September or other non traditional wedding/union?

This is not my area of expertise.  Because of the rural area in which I am based, these events do not present themselves on a regular basis.  That being said, I am certainly able to maintain a professional relationship with my clients.  I do not consider myself judgemental. I am certainly flexible enough to facilitate most any special request that may be necessary to make any event memorable. I have performed at several events that were considered non-traditional.


Do you have a video of a performance?

No. I have never video taped any of my performances. If you are concerned with how my setup looks, how I look, how many guests dance, etc., you are more than welcome to speak to some of my references and look at my photo albums online.



Are you a member of any DJ Associations?

Sound Decision is a member of the American Disc Jockey Association, the Fauquier Chamber of Commerce and the Culpeper Chamber of Commerce.   I run a legitimate business- this is not simply a hobby. 

 I am insured with a reputable insurance agency.

Why are there so many cheesy DJ’s out there?

Well, people hire them- not knowing.  A lot of DJs seem to think that most clients want the DJ to entertain the crowd by being the center of attention. Other DJs even think that a Wedding cannot be fun unless the DJ jumps up on a table with an “air guitar” to entertain. This is of course not true. Quite simply, it is easier to be Cheesy than Classy and Professional. You can’t teach someone to have good taste. You either have it or you don’t. Guests will almost always have fun if the music is good and the event is run smoothly---WITHOUT the DJ being the show.

Do you offer any  "sign on now", "book on-line", "book early" etc. discounts?

I do not try to lure you in with special gimmicks and discounts. You will notice the Top Vendors; don’t offer any of these sales tricks.  I will offer discounts associated with bridal shows from time to time.  They are never a "sign now" discount but usually a two to three week time-frame for you to shop with other DJ’s before signing my services.

Quicker is NOT better when it comes to hiring a Wedding DJ.


It is by far the most important Vendor at your Wedding and you need to choose VERY carefully. At the same time, I will let you know that I do book up very quickly. So if you wait too long, it will be tough to get any of the high quality vendors for your event.  I do not use high-pressure sales.  I simply tell you what I offer and you decide.



How much freedom do we have to choose music?

You can have complete control over the music if you want it. You can pick 10 songs or 100 songs. It is your Wedding and the guests are your friends. You usually will know what they will like.

Now, I do have many Brides/Grooms who only pick a few songs and then ask me to keep them dancing with whatever I think will keep guests entertained. I will be more than happy to play anything you would like; but I will remind you to always keep your guests in mind. You need to remember they are there to celebrate your Wedding, but you do want them to enjoy themselves. Try to choose music that will appeal to your grandparents, aunts/uncles, parents, as well as to your friends.  


I realize that not all guests like to dance and an empty dance floor is not the sign of a poor DJ.  Sometimes an event simply becomes a listening event and if your guests are bobbing their heads, singing along and tapping their feet- it is still successful!

You may also bring anything you may want to hear that I may not have.



How many dance songs do you typically play in an hour?

In a typical 4-hour reception, there may only be 1.5 hours to dance and most songs are approximately 3.5 minutes long. Thus, if you wanted to choose upbeat music for dance time, you have maybe 30-40 songs to cover around 2 hours.



How do you keep up with all the current music?

I subscribe to Promo Only CD compilations and other services avaialble only to professional DJ’s. These come out often keep me up to the minute with most EVERYTHING that is on the charts. I get the music at the same time the radio station gets their music!!



What do you think of the "Local Chat Boards" like The”?

It is great that there is a forum for Brides to chat, but there are limitations and drawbacks to consider:


a. ANYONE can register and claim to be a “bride” and go on there and say anything they want.

b. Many, many brides DO NOT go back onto The Knot after they get married, so feedback from Brides that have USED an individual DJ will be rarer than feedback from Brides who have just SPOKEN to the DJ in question.


c. No matter how much respect you may have from other’s, if you have been in the business long enough there will always be someone with something negative to say.


d.Vendors can pay premiums to get their listing in a higher category.  This can lead to the guy who is willing to spend the most money on advertising will get the most business. 



Do you smoke and/or drink during events?

Absolutely, unequivocally -NO.


I have been asked this before.  Apparently, clients have seen DJ’s that smoke and drink at  Weddings they have attended as guests.   I feel that it is simply unacceptable and unprofessional behavior.



Do you have lighting, a smoke machine, and/or other special effects equipment you can bring to our event?

I do offer lighting and effects to my clients.  Some of Weddings where I perform are not the sort for fog, lights or bubbles.  However, many people do indeed want to have a “party” atmosphere after the formalities are over.  I can certainly accommodate either decision.  Again, it is YOUR wedding and I am here to help!!!



Do you bring a cordless microphone?

Yes. I bring a cordless and a corded microphone to every event. A professional DJ should ALWAYS carry both to ALL events. There is of course NO extra change.


Do you send out a bulky packet of promotional materials to everyone who inquires into your services?

No. My site is purposely detailed so Brides and Grooms can get an in-depth overview of my services. This saves everyone time. Everything you would ever want to know about my services and me is pretty much on my site.  I usually only mail out contracts and planning packets with information about my website. I promise not to try to rent you a moon bounce or get you to hire my family members to provide other services for your wedding day.

Why do you seem so confident?

I do not want anyone to mistake my confidence for conceit. After many years in this business, I have met and spoken to numerous DJ’s. The legitimate wedding community is small.  DJs know the other DJs.  I have a good idea who else is out there, what kind of equipment they use, how deep their music library and musical knowledge is, how they look, what level of service they provide etc.

I feel that if I choose to advertise myself as ‘the best’, I need to explain why I may be better than “XYZ DJ Service” and let you the customer decide for yourself.  I refrain from putting anyone else down to make myself appear competent.

I simply have taken the feedback from other wedding vendors and clients (i.e. photographers, catering managers, Wedding Planners, etc.) by whom I am told how unique and professional my services are, to get a idea of how I compare to other DJ’s in the area.


Think of it in terms of hiring A DJ like you would hire an attorney.  You don’t simply turn to the DJ/ Attorney page in the phone book and look for the biggest ad.  Most people want the best guy in town based his background, experience, resources etc.  And when I need a service from any type of vendor, I ask other people who they use to ...fix a an addition...mow my grass...cut my hair.


The reality is the proof is in the past experieces.  Past performance predicts future behavior.   I also do not claim to be award winning or advertise being selected as the best by any specific wedding organization.  This seems to be a conflict of interest to me as many are advertising vehicles by which revenue is collected through advertising and making claims of "Best DJ in the Universe."  This is not consistent with my company mission.



Do you specialize in Weddings only?

I love a great party.  No, I do not simply entertain at weddings. However, weddings are the majority of my business during certain seasons. I am very passionate about weddings and love to see the satisfied faces of the Bride and Groom and their guests.  I am also attracted to the challenge of music variety, the diversity of the guests, and the intense, detailed planning that Weddings demand.  However, I also love to play the “party” atmospheres of the Christmas party or the surprise Birthday or Anniversary Party or the High School Reunion or Corporate Picnic.  I also enjoy the sophistication of the upscale cocktail party or high society luncheon. 


How did you get started?

I started playing guitar ans singing in a band and DJing on the side as a teenager in 1989. At that time, I was primarily playing in local bands and gaining musical knowledge.   I just always had a knack for keeping guests dancing and making the evening very enjoyable for everyone WITHOUT being annoying and cheesy.  Several years ago, I realized that DJing was much more crowd oriented and often a more musically diverse and challenging situation.  I chose to branch out as more than a hobby DJ and Soloist.  I find this work enjoyable from both a business and musical standpoint.  I am very invested in the customer satisfaction area of my business as well as the business end.  I strive to offer the best possible services at the reasonable prices.   Sound Decision DJ Service is a legitimate business that has been researched, planned and executed by myself.  It is indeed a reflection of my time and talents and I take it’s reputation, and my own individual reputation,  very seriously.  

My expertise lies in one area—Upscale DJ Services. I spend all of my time growing and learning how to provide even better DJ Services and related DJ Services such as lighting and unique music choices. 

I consider myself a professional and experienced entertainment service provider!




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